Winning The Battle Against Domestic Violence

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Winning The Battle Against Domestic Violence [Paperback] by Vivien Rose

A true-life story. This book is a tale of tragedy and eventual triumph over fourteen years of abuse, violence, and desperation in a christian marriage.  It is an easy to read recovery guide, for women of faith who have been socialized to just 'keep quiet', 'pray and submit' while they are struggling with the issue of emotional, verbal and physical abuse in their marriage and relationship. Learn how to get free and stay free!

This book is filled with real answers, practical suggestions, and spiritual hope - helping women and also men, to break free from accepting the unacceptable! If you are suffering any form of domestic violence or emotional abuse, and afraid to talk about it, this book is the perfect tool to help you gain perspective, courage, and hope.  

Your life is invaluable in the sight of the Lord who made you, so take a breath, gain some wisdom from those who have been there and believe, there is hope at the end of the tunnel!

Also available via kindle (download directly to your smartphone, pad or computer).