The Girl in the Glass House

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The Girl in the Glass House by Rose Sunday [Paperback]

Written by the author of 'The Woman In You', this novel is a compelling story of a young woman who decided to leave the comfort of the glass house for what was nothing more than a shoe box.  As she is being interviewed, she reveals details of how she overcame the limitations that surrounded her in order to pursue the path of destiny and purpose in front of her.

What do you do in life, when the very people that are supposed to help you, begin to fight you or try to frustrate you? Know that it is time for a change. Many have stayed in their glass houses and missed out on their destiny, dreams, purpose and wonderful blessings because of the fear of entering into the unknown. 

The Girl in the Glass House is an inspiring read for both men, women and young people who aspire to be more in life but feel trapped by their circumstances.