PAPERBACK Supernatural Husbands - how to effectively pray for your husband or husband-to-be

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A powerful prayer guide for

Single women, Future Brides and Wives.

SUPERNATURAL HUSBANDS - how to effectively pray for your husband or husband-to-be.

Take advantage of this exclusive PRAYER GUIDE and invoke the power of God with this fast selling book.



Thus says the Lord to His People: IT IS TIME TO BE MARRIED! The prophetic word of the Lord in this season is; He is releasing SINGLES into marriage supernaturally and healing broken relationships. To this end, he gave us His promise for all women who would stand in prayer for men -  If women will persist in intercession for men, He will reward the women with godly husbands and release singles into marriage supernaturally, for His glory. Why? Because now is the time, God is reaching out to bring millions of men into His Kingdom.
Supernatural Husbands is a prayer guide helping thousands of women like yourself  rise up and take up the challenge to stand in persistent prayer for their husbands and marriages.

Use SUPERNATURAL HUSBANDS to hit target when praying for your man.

Pray on your own or team up with your girlfriends.

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