Dancing with the Father - By Isoken Gaius-Obaseki

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Dancing With The Father is a moving book revealing the beauty, honor, and power that is released when dance becomes the language and expression of worship, adoration and praise to the Father who is in heaven.


Isoken Gaius-Obaseki is an experienced dance minister, teacher and worship leader.

She began her dance ministry in 2001 when her aim was to showcase God through dance and reach the world through the gift of dance.

She passionately believes that dance can convey messages which words cannot and as such, dance is a channel through which messages are conveyed from God to the world.

Isoken Gaius-Obaseki is the Founder of Manoah Dance Ministries, whose mandate is, to reach out to the lost with a compelling message of love and empowerment to all through the unspoken language of dance.

She is an avid believer that dance is one of the deepest forms of communication between God and man because it is a tool of praise and worship to Him.