FREE AUDIO VIDEO: How to Stop the Plague of Singleness - Vivien Rose

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When you see something happening repeatedly and generationally, there is a spiritual problem. Looking at the rate of marriage breakdown, separation and divorce;  looking at the statistics of men to women in the church; looking at the increasing number of children raised in single parent homes, there can be no doubt that Singleness has become a plague for believers and unbelievers in our society. The good news is, there is no temptation or situation that is uncommon to man and GOD HAS A PLAN, a way of escape for those who are willing to listen, believe and obey. 

How to stop the plague of singleness is a convicting message delivered by Evangelist Vivien Rose at the 7 Hours Singles Sacrifice of Praise gathering in October 2018.

The solution lies within us. 

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