The Greatness of God

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The Greatness of God [Paperback] by Bishop Vanessa W Benson.

This book shows the reader how to discover the Greatness of God when in great and challenging situations; particularly in relation to struggles, you face in personal relationships and times of sickness. The author authoritatively shares her own inspiring testimonies, showing how she discovered the Greatness of God under difficult and challenging circumstances. This book will reveal to the reader the truth that, as you walk with God in obedience, His Greatness will be revealed and God will always show up in your problem.

You may be pressed down but not crushed; in fire, yet not burnt. 

Every Christian needs to discover a life of victory, joy, faithfulness and thanksgiving. The author clearly helps the reader to discover the Greatness of God and shows how victory comes when you fix your eyes on His Greatness, not on the greatness of your problem.

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Bishop Dr. Vanessa W. Benson is an international anointed preacher and motivational speaker. A founding Bishop of Launchers Evangelistic Ministries International (LEMI), based in the United Kingdom (UK) and Overseer of churches in the UK and the vast of Kenya. She has a proven evangelical calling which has effectively been used by God to impact and touch many lives across the globe, especially in Europe, USA, India, Central and Western Africa as well as East Africa.

She is a member of Trans-Atlantic and Pacific Alliance of Churches (TAPAC), a global umbrella for faith based body of churches and ministries, established in the United Kingdom. TAPAC is in itself a member of Churches together in England (CTE) and Churches Together in Britain and Ireland (CTBI).

Bishop Vanessa is serving as the Deputy General Secretary of TAPAC. She holds a Doctorate of Divinity and Masters in Human Resources and Theology and frequently teaches in Bible School. She resides in Great Britain and is a mother and grandmother of two.